A mural is a piece of art to be hung or attached to a wall or directly painted onto the wall or any selected item.
Lewis has painted murals on Walls, Cars, Motor Bikes, Water Tanks, bridge pylons and many other things.
They have been done in Schools in workshops with students, private homes and public spaces.
The time and cost of the mural will depend on the size of the area, but this can be negotiated to suit your budget. 
The overall quality of the Mural will depend on the amount of time allowed to complete it.

Here is a video of a car being decorated in Sept 2015.


Contact Lewis Burns on this email if you are interested in getting your car or wall painted.

TribeUte Taronga Western Plains Zoo - Mural Capture of Fire L H Ford Bridge

In Schools – A mural in a schools is a fun and effective way to learn traditional symbols and it gives the students a sense of pride in contributing something to their school that will be there for many years. It also continues the learning process as the students involved then become the teachers, passing on the knowledge to other students and so on. I work with groups of all ages with a maximum of 15 students at one time.  Generally these groups are rotated in 45minutes to 1hour sessions, so that all students can be involved in the experience and learning.